Rangemore Playing Fields
Rangemore Recreation Ground is a registered charity (No. 522736) that operates under an indenture dated 1st April 1896. It has 3 trustees and a Management Committee.

The charity is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the playing fields. The fields are located opposite All Saints Church and Rangemore School. The playing fields are for the use of all people in the Chapelry of Rangemore (roughly the same as the church parish.)

The playing fields comprise of:

– Childrens Play Area

– Cricket square and pavilion

– Football Pitch

– Changing Facilities

– Open Space

– Car Park for people using the fields and school

No overnight parking is permitted unless permission is requested – unauthorised vehicles will be asked to move

The other major users of the playing fields are:

All Saints School
2 Cricket Teams
1 Football Teams
The school, and all the teams currently using the playing fields contribute to the upkeep of the fields which enables the charity to maintain the facilities.

The football and cricket pitches are only used by the teams which have paid to use them. Anyone found to be using these facilities on a regular basis will be asked to pay for them or will be asked to leave.

Enquiries for use of the facilities should be addressed to:

All users are asked to take any litter home with them and leave the fields litter free.

No dogs are allowed on the Playing Fields.

Camping is not allowed

These are PRIVATE facilities and are not in any way connected to Tatenhill & Rangemore Parish Council